Catching the Ball

Catching the ball isn’t something new for me. 

Sure, it may look different with a camera body and giant lens in hand, but back in the day, I used to play catcher myself. 

Not to relive “the good old days” too long, but I absolutely loved my time playing baseball! There is certain strategy while playing catcher that is unique to all the other players on the field. Developing a sense for where the ball is going to go is critical to this position.

After spending years watching pitchers throw and catching what they pitched, I now have a pretty good idea of where the baseball is going to end up after it leaves the mound. Now that I am an avid sports photographer in Amarillo, I find it to be an advantage that I spent all of those hours catching the ball. 

The shots that I’m able to get with my 400mm lens, are in focus and right in the middle of the action. It makes for some gorgeous pictures. I’ve compiled a small gallery of some of my favorite baseball pictures of the last couple of weeks. Take a look below and see what you think!