Brown Bag Roasters-The Hidden Gem in Canadian, Texas

Canadian, Texas has a hidden gem: Brown Bag Roasters.

Shooting another farm & ranch project brought me back to the small town of Canadian, Texas this week. In searching for a place I could kill some time before the photoshoot started, I stumbled across Brown Bag Roasters. Located downtown in the Texas’ most northern cultural district, I was just floored by the cozy and authentic coffee shop.

The walls were lined with burlap sacks of whole coffee beans. Sets of checkers and chess were set on the communal tables. Ivy planters draped from the window sills that overlooked the main street downtown. The entire shop is just a vibe.  Specializing in small batch coffee, I can attest to their delicious and flavorful brews. (Black coffee with cream, and a cappuccino)

Shops like Brown Bag Roasters remind me of how important it is to get out and explore what other towns in the Texas Panhandle are hiding in plain sight! If you find yourself passing through Canadian in the future, I highly recommend the short jaunt over to this awesome place for a coffee, tea or smoothie. It’s literally right on Main street and will not disappoint!