My Editing Process

My image processing goal is to deliver a final photo that best represents what my eyes saw on the day of the shoot. 

I’m a tech geek at heart, and I’d like to share a quick insight on how cameras capture light to help you better understand how I edit.

In short, our eyes can see details in bright things and dark things around us at the same time. This is called dynamic range, and for simplicity, let’s say humans can see a range of 1-100. On the other hand, cameras can only see about 60-70% of that range, and I need to cheat to one side to preserve details in the highlights or the shadows.

I choose to preserve the highlights in photos, thus rendering images from my camera a little darker, but photo editing software can bring back the details from the shadows better than the highlights or bright spots. With the help of fill lighting, my goal is to deliver final images that represent closer to 100% of the shoot’s dynamic range. Also, I’m happy to edit out any temporary blemishes, etc.

Use the sliders on the images below to see it in action:

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