Friday Night Lights – Masks for Helmets

Friday Night Lights – Masks for Helmets


Here in West Texas, we love our Friday night football games. So when the threat of COVID-19 emerged, fearful whispers of cancelling the Friday night lights spread across the communities. Questions of whether or not bullhorns, foam fingers, and team t-shirts would be brought out of the closets this year was a topic of discussion for members of the community.  

To the relief of many, the football season has pressed on, but not without some new norms that are sure to be remembered and reflected on in the future. 

As a photographer, I understand and value the importance of documenting history wherever history is being made. A prime example of this history in the making is happening right in our own backyards. The requirement of wearing masks is something that is going to be remembered for years to come, and despite the current inconvenience and drawbacks of the mandate, I’m thrilled to be documenting this moment in time. 

Pictured above is our community following safety measures in order to enjoy the Randall High School verses Palo Duro High School football game. 

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