The Portland Head Lighthouse – Maine

I often travel throughout the United States to do commercial photography for churches as well as businesses. I have been lucky enough that my excursions have taken me to some very beautiful locations including Portland, Maine.

The first time I had the joy of arriving in Portland was in the fall. The air was cool and the leaves had finished changing colors and were beginning their gentle descent. I was in town helping The Presence Radio Network to create a new look for their website and logo.

Early one morning one of the staff members I had been working with, Gerry offered to show me some hidden trails to access the Portland Head Lighthouse. After driving to Fort Williams Park, we took a short walk to the rocky shore. It was a brisk morning and all around me the brilliant red, orange, and yellow leaves were taking their yearly plunge to the ground. The tide was just beginning to come in, and you could hear the waves rhythmically beating against the rocks. The smell of salt was all around me in the air. The Portland Head Lighthouse is an exquisite sight. This iconic lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the state of Maine and was erected in 1791. It is considered one of the most photogenic lighthouses in Maine as droves of people take pictures of it every year.

The second time I travelled to Portland a few weeks later was quite the experience. The airline unfortunately had lost my luggage and my jacket as well since it was in my suitcase. It was now winter, and it was COLD! Trying to take pictures outside, with no jacket, in temperatures in the teens is quite a feat. I don’t know how I held the camera steady enough to get anything that wasn’t fuzzy. Thankfully since my luggage was lost for over twenty-four hours I received a stipend from American Airlines for new clothes (the only positive of lost luggage) . This allowed me to go to the L.L. Bean Headquarters, which is right down the road from Portland in Freeport. After I got some new warm clothes I could go back to photographing outside without freezing.

On this outing I ended up befriending the Holiday Inn shuttle driver Randy. He was having a slow night because it was the middle of the week so the staff at the Holiday Inn allowed him to show me around town. He took me different places where I could get pictures of the beautiful skyline as well as the interesting scenery. He also gave me some incredible food suggestions including haddock chowder which I had never experienced before. It was amazing!

This part of Maine is beautiful, and I hope I get to return sometime in either the fall or spring to early summer. The winter is a little bit too cold for this southerner! If you are ever in Portland, Maine you should stop by Street and Co., Central Provisions, or any of the many microbreweries that are scattered about town. I guarantee you will leave happy with a full belly. See you next time Portland, hopefully this time with my own clothes in tow!