On Location: Carmen Sandiego is in Canadian, Texas

Ok, maybe I’m still trying to find out where in the world the actual Carmen Sandiego is. Still, it can’t be denied that my friend Jennifer resembles the character in some of these shots.

In Canadian, Texas, there is a pretty awesome architectural feature known as the Canadian River Wagon Bridge. I’d been itching to get up to this small town and use it as a backdrop for some telephoto lens portraits. The depth and texture translated precisely as I had hoped. Toting my 400mm 2.8 lens, I was able to capture some incredible shots of Jennifer even from many yards away. Once we wrapped up at the bridge, I suggested we grab a bite to eat over at The Cattle Exchange, a local steakhouse, while the sun dropped for our last location of the evening. After enjoying our meal, we headed downtown to work on some low-light shots. Again, with my telephoto lens, I found myself belly down in the middle of the streets. Naturally, this drew some attention. Passers-by honked, and I waved politely as Jennifer posed like a champ through it all. The resulting images produced moody, darker portraits with hints of light that created a beautiful effect. There are so many areas in the Panhandle of Texas that are home to unique and beautiful backdrops. Stay tuned for more galleries in the future that feature more on-location shoots in the Amarillo area and Panhandle of Texas.