Portrait Blog: Karley and Jaci

Enter another portrait session featuring Karley and Jaci! You may recognize Jaci as she’s helped up with several shoots in the past. So when she suggested adding a friend to this shoot, I was excited to capture their dynamic together. They picked some some great outfits at Apricot Lane in Amarillo, so be sure to check them out in Town Square.

I cannot emphasize my deep appreciation for the lowlight abilities of the Canon R5 and the Sigma 105mm Art f/1.4. This equipment has given me new inspiration to try things I never would have in the past. In prior shoots, I have often had to use an external flash in order to illuminate my subject to keep them in focus. However, with the R5 and Sigma lens, I have not used any sort of extra lighting other than what is around me. 

In this particular shoot, Jaci and Karley were only next to the light of the storefronts in downtown Amarillo and whatever natural light was available at the time. As you can see from the portraits below, my new favorite body/glass combo didn’t skip a beat. Even in the low lit streets at night, we were able to get some great shots.

There was one point, however, where I was committed to pushing the R5 to its limits. In the middle of a field outside of Amarillo, I managed to capture an incredible shot of the night sky with these beautiful ladies still in plain view. (I did pop my external flash to light them up on this one.)

I had such a fun time capturing this portrait session with Karley and Jaci! Some of our favorite photos were spontaneous that evening. Jaci noticed the old truck as we were walking back to my office, and the owner graciously allowed us to use it as a prop. Also, we were able to make a quick pit-stop at their favorite watering hole, Chesney’s Whiskey Saloon downtown. Check out the gallery below to see more!