400mm Portrait Session: Cam and Ash

What better way than to bring sisters together than a stylized 400mm f/2.8 portrait session?

Having flown all the way from Shiner, TX (yes, home of Shiner Bock), these two were anxious for a different looking portrait session. Luckily for us, the Amarillo area is filled with unique backdrops for any occasion, and I happen to own a 400mm lens to really bring them to life.

I liked the cool backgrounds and different locations. He helped us with poses too, and that made things super easy. I loved it!


We first hit my recent go-to location, downtown Amarillo. Those of you who may find yourselves in the area as the sun starts to set, may see me in the street or in an alley, on my stomach, taking portraits with this beast of a lens. Yes, I feel a little ridiculous, but as the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. The images that come out of these sessions are incredible, especially when you’ve got such photogenic people like Cam and Ash in the frame. The f/2.8 is the perfect focal ratio to get subjects super focused in the frame, but providing a gorgeous blurred background.

I loved being able to get shots from places I never would have thought to go!


Next, we drove over to the iconic Cadillac Ranch (pun intended). The colors there were basically dancing and made amazing contrast in the photos. Cam and Ash were just stunning at this location, and their beauty really came through the frame amongst all of the colors. 

Finally, we wrapped up at the second largest canyon in the U.S.- Palo Duro Canyon. The girls let loose for some fun jumping pictures with the canyon overtaking the background. Despite the chilly weather, they were fantastic and were willing to finish the session strong. 

What I loved about this session was the versatility of backdrops, and the beauty of these two girls. Their wonderful personalities really shone through each shot; it was difficult to pick my favorites!

Spring is always a crazy time of year for us with sports and schedules. The reality is my husband and I realized a while back that we only have a very short time with our girls at home. We want to capture every stage we can because we won’t get this time back.


That being said, when their mom, Anne, jumped in one of the last photos of the evening, it quickly rose to the top of my list as the wonderful “cherry on top” to end an awesome session. Check out the final product below! 

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