400mm Portrait Session: J.P. and Ashley

It is no secret that I’ve been milking every 400mm portrait session I can here lately. And fortunately enough for me, I was able to bring out the behemoth glass once again for this graduation portrait session.

I first met Josh and Ashley at Metropolitan in Amarillo, one of my favorite places to grab a cocktail. J.P. and Ashley graduated in December from West Texas A&M, but never got around to taking graduation pictures. I suggested we meet up to discuss their creative vision for the shoot before we got started. 

My favorite thing about taking pictures with Joe was how relaxed he made us feel and how easy-going Joe is! We had so much fun taking these pictures that we didn’t want to stop!

Once we had a game plan, we headed downtown on Polk Street (note the dreamy lights), and then hopped over to Hodgetown Stadium for a few other locations. As we were wrapping up the 400mm portrait session in Amarillo, J.P. and Ashley mentioned their dogs, and seeing as I LOVE dogs, I suggested we head to Canyon to pick up their canine companions. To be completely honest, these pups pose better than some models I’ve seen in magazines!

My favorite thing about taking pics with Joe is his ability to be creative with his clients’ creativity. He helped us realize how much we love the camera.

These two were really fantastic to work with, and I’m thrilled with the end product. The rich bokeh with its creamy and dreamy textures really helped bring J.P. and Ashley center stage, which is precisely what you want in a portrait session like this. Check out the images below!