Event Photography: Capturing Moments

Throughout my journey pursuing event photography, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a wide variety of events. I can’t get enough, and I have learned so much by experiencing the frontlines of these occasions. It has made me actively seek out more and more of them.

I’ve been up close at a World Blacksmith Championship, capturing some intense photos of farrier’s practicing their craft. I’ve seen young equine athletes work intently on making the fastest time during their races. I’ve been on graduation floors, documenting hard-earned milestones for college students. I’ve been up close and personal while bullfighter clowns keep fallen riders safe. The list of events could go on and on.

Anytime I get the opportunity to take photos at any significant event, I jump at the chance. I’ve gathered some of my favorite event photos to share in this post. If you have an event that needs a photographer, please reach out! I’d love to discuss how we could work together.