jpegJoe and Press Pass Sports Team Up

jpegJoe Licensing, LLC, a local Amarillo consulting and photography firm, is pleased to announce a majority investment in Press Pass Sports, an online media outlet providing sports coverage in the Texas Panhandle.

Joe Garcia (aka jpegJoe) has had a passion for photography for the past 20 years and has worked hard to bring pro-level photography to local athletes and their parents since moving back to Amarillo in 2014.


“Sports bring our community together,” Garcia said. “I’m proud to invest in Press Pass Sports. My wife and I don’t have children of our own. Supporting the youth of Amarillo and the surrounding areas is an honor and blessing to us both.”

Press Pass Sports has spent the last two years covering local pro, college, and high school events in the Texas Panhandle. Today, their website and social media platforms are one of our area’s go-to resources for stats, photos, and sports news.

PPS founder and award-winning sports journalist, Kale Steed, brings a wealth of experience to the Texas Panhandle. Steed has been a staple on the Amarillo sports scene since 2008 from his days as a weekend sports anchor at ABC7 and a sports writer at the Amarillo Globe News.


“I am beyond excited and thrilled for this new adventure to work and partner with someone as distinguished as Joe Garcia,” Steed said. “Joe is innovative, extremely gifted, and someone I know can help take Press Pass Sports to the next level.” 

Providing great sports coverage to the local community takes time, travel, and resources. Traditional media outlets in the area have scaled-back news coverage over the years, constantly re-using photos from past events, and usually share only a few minutes of video. 

Community. This word describes the vision of jpegJoe and Press Pass Sports moving forward. Work has already begun to redefine a business model of how local media outlets, writers, and photographers can work together to provide the best coverage of our local athletes.


“I grew up in Stamford, a small town of about 3,000 people with a small local paper,” Garcia said. “I’m not sure people 100% appreciate the hard work many small-town papers do and I’ve also seen the passion of many local photographers that put their hearts into our communities.”

This partnership expands our ability to serve the community with excellent sports coverage. Kale and his team have laid extension groundwork over the past couple of years, and Press Pass Sports only stands to grow stronger in the future. Many great people work hard every day to provide exceptional sports coverage to our area.

Be on the lookout for future updates; we’re just getting started.