Dotsy’s Boutique + jpegJoe

Dotsy’s Boutique and jpegJoe are officially partners! 

To be completely honest, Dotsy’s and I have been working behind the scenes for a while now, trying our best to iron out all of the details as fast as we possibly could. 

Fashion portrait photography is a favorite of mine. Shooting in gymnasiums and on fields most of the time for my sports photography can get a tad repetitive (not that I’m complaining!). So whenever I get the chance to shoot some stylized fashion shoots, it is like a breath of fresh air. 

With that said, I’m always sending my models to local, Amarillo boutiques to find the ideal outfits for the shoot. Dotsy’s has been on that list because of their incredibly chic looks and versatility of sizes. Their mission is to provide fresh, affordable fashion that caters to women of all ages and sizes, making it ideal for my variety of models. 

I am thrilled about partnering with Dotsy’s Boutique and cannot wait to see the amazing future between our businesses. 

Use the code JPEGJOE to get 20% off your entire purchase online and in-store until June 15, 2022!

P.S. Keep an eye out for more discounts throughout the year! 😉