Keepsakes for the Future

Keepsakes for the Future

Recently, I was asked why I enjoy my hobby of sports photography. To answer this question best, I’ll need to give some backstory on my roots.

Growing up in a small Texas town, athletics was a way of life. I found fulfillment in playing multiple sports. Baseball was my favorite activity of choice during the school year. Unfortunately, during the four years of my high school sports career, I have only three great pictures to commemorate these experiences. Thank you, Lewis Alambar! Although I appreciate and have a fondness for my hometown, I am convinced that it was because of its “smallness” that contributed to the lack of high-quality photography options for our community. 

Once I discovered that taking photos is something I loved doing, I resolved to provide the kind of images I wish I had now to look back on. 

Photography is one of the best ways to preserve the memories and relive the past’s nostalgic moments. I am honored and blessed to use my talents to deliver these moments for young athletes to keep for years to come. 

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