Shooting On Location: A Good Defense

Shooting On Location: A Good Defense

Recently, I purchased the CanAm Defender Max to accommodate the rougher terrain I’ve been shooting as of late. Many ranches and farms require a vehicle with more advanced maneuverability and 4X4 capability to get to the shoot locations. In addition to handling ditches, rivets, and uneven roads, the Defender is loaded with arguably one of my favorite features-A/C and Heat.

Shooting in the elements is an inevitable by-product of being an Amarillo area photographer. My clients, unfortunately, are often subjected to sitting in 100+ degree heat or freezing wind chills. Now when I’m out on location, I can provide a place for them to wait in comfort while setting up before and between different shoot locations. 

All-in-all it has been a game-changer for my on-location sites. Not to mention, it is just fun to drive and experience Texas land in a more hands-on way. I feel as though I’m able to see what each location has to offer in terms of landscape and backdrop for my photos when I’m in the driver’s seat of this thing. It has saved my day-to-day truck from taking on unnecessary damage and made my models and clients much more eager to help go out on-location in the heat of summer or dead of winter. 

If you’re looking for a new side-by-side, be sure to give Eric a ring over at Lone Star Powersports in Amarillo, TX.

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