Testing the Canon R5 Focus and Sigma 105mm Art F1.4

I’ve been waiting for months for the release of the mirrorless Canon EOS R3 this November. Since I cannot speed up time, I picked up the R5 from my friends over at Armadillo Camera in Lubbock to placate my impatience. The last several weeks of testing the R5 with the Sigma 105mm Art f1.4 has been, in a word, incredible.

As a sports photographer, there are some amazing capabilities that make this camera really remarkable. When capturing athletes on a field, it requires a certain level of finesse to keep the subject in focus. However, with the R5’s smart autofocus, it allows me to keep the subject perfectly framed when shooting. This saves hours of editing!

When paired with the Sigma 105mm Art f1.4, the results are outstanding. Performing exceptionally well in low-light, I was able to capture the players in perfect focus, even in the dark.  I consider that a huge win in my book.

I’ve had my hands on some pretty awesome equipment during my time as a photographer, but this combo blew me away. I highly recommend to any photographer looking to advance to a highly responsive, professional camera that performs well for both portrait and sports photography. I can’t wait to see the the R3 can do! Check out some of the images I took to see for yourselves!